So you’ve done the hard work of getting people to visit your website but how can you make sure that they turn into customers and don’t just disappear back onto the search results, and heaven forbid, one of your competitors? Well the answer is making sure your website is as relevant as possible.

In this article we’ll take you through some things you can do to help to supercharge your website and turn it into a valuable sales tool.

Step 1

Make it easy for your customers to find what they want. If you have an easy to navigate website that conveys trust then you are a lot more likely to turn your website traffic into customers. Whether you sell your products directly on your website or have a service based business, your website needs to capture the attention of your audience and give them what they’re looking for.

For example if you have an advert targeting “electrician in Liverpool” then you need to make it clear on your website that you are based in or at the very least cover Liverpool and reassure them that they can trust your business.

Step 2

Take a good look at your calls-to-action. Do they stand out? Are they engaging? Your calls-to-action need to tell customers exactly what you want them to do and make it clear what the next step will be. They should also stand out on your page and be able to grab the attention of your website visitors.

A great example of this is Dropbox which makes it clear what action to perform with a very clear call-to-action on the homepage.

Step 3

Did you know that over 50% of all search engine traffic now comes from mobile devices? So if you want to succeed online you’re going to need a website that is mobile friendly. The better you can make the customer experience on your website, the more chance you’ll have of turning your visitors into customers.

Having a mobile friendly website will also help your website rank better in the search engines naturally, meaning you’ll get even more traffic and more potential customers.

Step 4

One of the most commonly overlooked elements of a website is the contact section. Making sure that your details are correct is crucial to ensure that visitors are able to get in touch with you. Another common problem is businesses not answering the phone and not having a voicemail service. If a potential customer can’t get in contact with you then they’ll look elsewhere meaning you’ll be losing out.

Make sure you have a voicemail service setup for landline and mobile numbers that are listed on your website and regularly check these to ensure you’re not missing out.

We hope that you’ve found these tips helpful and would be happy to hear any tips that you may have for supercharging your website in the comments section below.