Google Ads is a wonderful advertising platform and one that is packed full of features. But are you making the most of all these features to get the performance that you deserve? In this article we’ll look at some of the most underused Google Ads features and why you should be using them.

Ad variations

Do you want to save time and test advert variations at scale? Then Google’s ad variation feature is what you should be using. Not only does it let you quickly and easily test text changes but you can also choose whether to apply these changes if they outperform the originals. This lets advertisers set up variations in bulk and extremely quickly.

If you are looking to make big time savings and test multiple variations of your adverts to see which perform the best for your business then you need to be using ad variations. Even if you don’t have thousands of adverts this feature still offers considerable time savings and will help get you into the habit of testing different versions of your adverts.


Did you know that you can run various experiments from within Google Ads directly, and here’s the important bit, if they are successful you can have them replace your current campaign. To do this you’ll need to create a draft campaign and make the changes that you’d like to test. Remember to limit the changes you make as if there is an improvement you’ll want to know why. Some examples could include testing a new landing page, trying a new bid strategy or testing new advert copy.

Using campaign experiments you can set the timeframe for your experiment as well as controlling your budget mix and allocating a set amount of traffic and budget to the experiment. So if the change is risky you may want to start with a small portion of the budget going to the experiment.


Once the experiment is over you’ll be able to see how it performed and have the option of converting this into a live campaign and pausing the original.

Gmail adverts

If you’re looking for a way to engage with your customers across multiple touchpoints then you need to take a look at Gmail ads. They are particularly useful for advertisers who use remarketing campaigns as they give you the opportunity to put your brand in front of your customers at every opportunity.

Because people are used to receiving promotional deals through to their email they are generally more receptive to marketing messages while checking their email. The advertising also is a lot less intrusive then other channels and on Gmail is limited to a single advert.