From huge multinational brands such as Apple to small local businesses such as a plumbing company, branding campaigns provide a way to make customers aware of your brand. Unless you own a huge business the chances are that only local customers will know about your business. Branding is all about bringing your business to the attention of potential customers and is something that can really help you attract new customers.

Display Network

One of the best ways to get brand awareness is by running a campaign on Google’s Display Network which allows you to target users with specific interests. With the display network, you have the option of using text, image or video adverts which can really help to make your brand stand out and show the personality of your business.

Of course, you need to do more than just create some pretty images to succeed on the display network which is why you’ll need to understand what the best targeting options are for your business.

Targeting options

Placements – You can use placement targeting to show your adverts on specific websites and even on specific sections of a target website. Options for placement targeting include automatic or manual options and you can even exclude placements where you don’t want your adverts to appear.

Topics – Using topics as your targeting options you’ll be able to show your adverts on websites that are centred around a particular topic. This lets you get a broad reach within your sector and appear on relevant websites that relate to your industry.

Audiences – Audience targeting gives you the ability to reach customers that you have deemed are valuable. This is most commonly used for remarketing e.g. targeting users who have visited your website but not purchased. Google also lets you create audiences who are similar to your current audience which is useful for those looking to use this option for branding campaigns.

Search Network

Most people wrongly assume that the display network is the only place on Google Ads where you can run a branding campaign, but that is not true. The search network can help provide you with brand visibility for terms that you are not able to target with organic campaigns and deliver brand consideration which is not possible using other marketing channels.

As well as key search terms you can also bid on competitor brand names and terms to help get your business in front of more potential customers. This is a good strategy for smaller businesses who offer a similar service or product to larger and better-established brands.


If you are looking to get your business in front of more potential customers and build awareness, then Google Ads provides you with the tools you need to achieve these goals. And thanks to the ability to measure the performance you can easily track the success of your branding campaigns.