The latest update to Google Ads Editor brings with it a whole host of new features to help make offline campaign management even easier than before. And while this latest version has undergone a subtle design change as well as giving advertisers the ability to create and update responsive adverts it’s the custom rules feature we’ll be exploring in this blog article. So if you’ve not done so already go and download version 12 of Google Ads Editor and let’s begin.

With the growing complexity of managing an Google Ads account it can be hard to remember all the best practices when creating your campaigns. The latest generation of Google Ads Editor aims to make this a lot easier by showing warnings for campaigns that aren’t setup within these best practices. So let’s take a look and see how we can make sure our campaigns are setup with best practices in mind.

Custom Rules

This brand new section can be found in the left hand navigation panel and is where we’ll be focusing on checking the setup of our campaigns. As standard there are 16 custom rules which show notifications for a variety of campaign and ad group settings and allow you to quickly see where any problems might exist in your setup.

Below is a screenshot of the new custom rules section:

As you can see there are a number of custom rules that cover campaign and ad group settings such as callout extensions, number of adverts, conversion tracking, accelerated delivery, search partners and many other settings. And while in some cases you may want to go against the default settings e.g. if you want to show your adverts as quickly as possible then you may want accelerated delivery switched on, for most advertisers these custom rules will represent the best possible setup for their campaigns.

These custom rules also go beyond just telling you that something is wrong, by right clicking on the custom rule that has a violation you’ll be taken to the section of the campaign where you can make the necessary changes.

For more advanced advertisers you can also setup your own custom rules to ensure that campaigns are setup to your own requirements. This new custom rules section is a powerful and informative way to check the settings for all of your campaigns in bulk – great for large advertisers who have hundreds of campaigns to manage.

Another useful feature is the addition of a custom rule violation filters which let you show filter and only show violations that match the filters that you select. This is great news for advertisers who are managing massive accounts and will help them save time and quickly edit in bulk the settings that they need to.