Getting your message in front of potential customers has never been easier thanks to the power of smart phones, tablets and internet connected devices. With advertising you can reach users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and even in the apps that your customers use. In this article we’ll take a look at the best options and help you decide on which platform will help your business reach your advertising goals.


As the world’s largest social network, Facebook has a monthly user base of over 2 billion active users and offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with a massive audience. Over recent years Facebook has also dramatically improved its paid advertising model to give advertisers even more power to reach the right audience. But is it right for your business?


Targeting options – From demographics and interests to geographical locations and behaviours, Facebook lets you really drill down to help find relevant people to target.

Remarketing – By using the Pixel tracking you can further improve your adverts targeting to reach people who have interacted with your website. Want to target only users who have abandoned your shopping cart and offer them a discount code? Well with the Pixel tracking you can.

Lower advertising costs – In comparison to more traditional keyword auctions, Facebook tends to offer a lower cost per engagement than other paid platforms.


Below average CTR – Targeting an audience that isn’t actively looking for your products or services means that you can expect a lot lower click through rates on your paid advertising with Facebook. Getting your audience right is the key to success.

Needs constant changes – Relevancy is key so you need to change up your audience and advertising frequently to ensure your adverts get seen.

Bing / Yahoo

Using Bing’s advertising platform marketers are able to serve adverts on Yahoo and Bing as both networks use the same platform. And while many people think that Bing and Yahoo aren’t as important as Google there are some good reasons that you may want to include them in your advertising budget.


Lower cost per clicks – If budget is one of the biggest factors that affect your advertising then looking at the Yahoo and Bing network may be a good option for your business. Generally speaking the cost per click prices will be lower on Bing then on Google.

Customer service – As anyone who has ever encountered a problem in Google Ads will know, finding a solution can be a long winded and time consuming process. With Bing you’re able to talk to a support technician on the phone.


Less search traffic – There’s a reason why Google is the number one, it drives the most traffic to websites. In comparison Bing and Yahoo simply can’t compete with the traffic volumes of Google.


With the largest share of organic traffic and the go to place for many people to find what they’re looking for, Google is a great option for businesses of all size. What’s more it also offers advertisers a raft of features and targeting options to reach customers and clients at the right time.


Targeting options – From in app and video to shopping and search, Google has a whole host of targeting options available to give advertisers unrivalled reach for their advertising.

Top ad positions – Want to be at the top for your chosen keywords, you can make it happen with Google Ads. If you’re happy to put the budget in to beat your competitors then you can position your business at the top of the searches.

Ad formats – From text adverts and video ads to shopping and image adverts, Google offers advertisers a range of creative ways to put their message in front of potential customers.


Expensive clicks – Because of its effectiveness, Google Ads tends to be the most expensive paid platform for advertisers. Click costs are often link with competitiveness with the better terms costing the most.

Steep learning curve – To get the most from Google Ads you need to know how to use all the features – this takes time and knowledge which some advertisers might not have.


For most businesses Google still holds the edge in terms of paid advertising and will help your users find you exactly when they’re looking for products or services. Putting your business in front of them will help you grow your customer base and increase your revenue.